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Wharves: June 2013 Archives

Part 2: Gaspé Wharves

Mackerel fishing.JPGMarika Wheeler is back for part 2 of a look at the state of wharves in the Gaspé.

She brings us to Carleton-sur-Mer where like many communities, the wharf is not only important to the economy but is also a gathering place for locals and tourists.

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Part 1: Gaspé Wharves

St-Georges-de-Malbaie.JPGFishermen and mayors in the Gaspé say many wharves in the region have been neglected for years and are rundown.

They are worried the wharves will be condemned, hurting the towns' economy and community.

Quebec's Travelling Journalist Marika Wheeler brings us Part 1 of a three part series on wharves in the Gaspé.

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