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Quebec City: October 2013 Archives

Dreaming of public transportation

131023_9n7oh_transport_en_commun_sn635.jpgIn the Quebec City mayoral debate this week, mayor and candidate Régis Labeaume said he doubted that there were 100 in Quebec City who dreamed of taking the bus. According to a petition launched this week - there are actually thousands of them.

A Cegep Ste Foy student, Jerôme Côté-Allard took issue with that statement and launched a petition for people who dream of having an efficient transit system in Quebec City. It has collected well over 5,000 signatures already.

Marie-Raphaelle Leblond worked with Côté-Allard as part of Cegep Ste. Foy's environmental group Gaia, and tells us more.
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Protecting the poppy in Quebec City

poppies.JPGThe poppy will bloom in Quebec City after all. Recent controversy surrounding the use of funds at Quebec City's Branch 265 of the Royal Canadian Legion had thrown the whole poppy campaign into doubt. But the veterans have rallied to save it. 

We find out more from Norman Shelton, President of the Quebec Command of the Royal Canadian Legion, and Jean-Francois Corriveau is the second vice president of Royal Canadian Legion Branch 265 in Quebec City. 

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2012's Legionnaire's outbreak was preventable

The coroner's report on the outbreak of Legionnaires' disease in Quebec City last year indicates that different government departments must share the blame, because they failed to apply recommendations made following the 1996 and 2010 outbreaks. 

Quebec AM reporter Julia Page went down to the Complexe Jacques-Cartier in Saint Roch, to speak to people in the area where the outbreak occured in 2012.

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We also gathered reactions from former health minister Yves Bolduc, along with Dr. Isabelle Goupil-Sormany, medical officer with the Public Health Department, as well as lawyer Jean-Pierre Ménard who is representing relatives of some of the victims, and is considering a class action lawsuit.

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