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Quebec City: August 2013 Archives

Lévis needs water before this Winter

The City of Lévis is beginning to look for a back-up plan to ensure its water supply in the upcoming months. For the last six weeks, since oil from the Lac Mégantic rail disaster seeped in to the Chaudière River, the city has had to get all its water from other sources.

Environment authorities say it's still too soon for the city to reconnect the system to the Chaudière river. That means restrictions on water use by residents will continue.

To give us an update on the situation, we spoke to Lévis's Director of environmental affairs, Jean-Claude Belles-Isles.

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A citizen movement wants l'Ile d'Orleans to become one large administration

That was of course the poet and chansonnier Félix Leclerc, singing about his favourite island home, Ile d'Orléans. A citizen's movement now wants the island's six municipalities to merge into one administrative body.

The "Mouvement 2013, Une Ile, Une Vision" believes that by doing this, the island will spend less money paying for the salaries of its many councillors. It also believes projects would move forward more efficiently by reducing bureaucracy. The movement is hoping to run candidates across the island this November. The Movement's President is Marcel Barthe and we've reached him this morning in St-Jean-de-l'Ile d'Orleans.

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Extreme bike sports in heart of Quebec City

Dirt.jpgIt's a first in North America and it's happening right here in downtown Quebec City. An enormous pile of dirt has been dumped onto Place d'Youville and fashioned into a track for a sport that crosses mountain biking with BMX style riding.

The event is called Cite8, and it is part of the Vélirium World Cup Moutain Biking competition this weekend in Mont-Ste-Anne. Many events are happening at the mountain, but, right here, in dowtown Quebec City, world renowned athletes will be competing for the title of the best freestyle moutain bike rider.

The CBC's Allison Van Rassel walked over to Place d'Youville yesterday to meet some tof the athletes as well as the creator of this unique course, Jeremy Witek.

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