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Politics: August 2013 Archives

Parents of students with special needs are worried their kids won't get enough help

It's only a matter of days before most students are back at school. But, some parents of students with special needs are worried their kids won't get enough help. They say recent budget cuts are already having an impact on support services. Serge Lefebvre is one of those parents.

His 18-year-old daughter Laurence has cerebral palsy and attends Ecole Regional du vent Nouveau, a school for special needs students on the south shore of Montreal. He joined us on the show this morning.

We also continued the conversation with David d'Aoust, he is the Executive Director of the Quebec English School Boards.

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Lac-Mégantic: a good step forward to quickly get businesses back on track

Day by day, the re-development plan for Lac Mégantic is becoming a bit clearer.

Yesterday, Premier Pauline Marois announced that $16 million of its emergency fund for the town will go towards constructing a new commercial centre. She also said that a new temporary railway line to serve the industrial park will built in the next few months.

Béland Audet is the president of Logi-Bel transport logistics in Lac-Mégantic, one of the many businesses hit hard by the July 6th disaster. He joined us this morning.

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A citizen movement wants l'Ile d'Orleans to become one large administration

That was of course the poet and chansonnier Félix Leclerc, singing about his favourite island home, Ile d'Orléans. A citizen's movement now wants the island's six municipalities to merge into one administrative body.

The "Mouvement 2013, Une Ile, Une Vision" believes that by doing this, the island will spend less money paying for the salaries of its many councillors. It also believes projects would move forward more efficiently by reducing bureaucracy. The movement is hoping to run candidates across the island this November. The Movement's President is Marcel Barthe and we've reached him this morning in St-Jean-de-l'Ile d'Orleans.

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