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Politics: January 2013 Archives

Quebec Liberal leadership candidates English-language debate

The three candidates for the Quebec party leadership got together to cross swords over the weekend. Raymond Bachand, Pierre Moreau, and Philippe Couillard met Saturday for their first and only English language debate. 

With just weeks to go before the Liberals choose Jean Charest's successor, the candidates need every opportunity to get their message out to as many members as possible. Rheal Seguin, columnist for the Globe and Mail columnist, joins guest host Shawn Lyons to discuss Saturday's debate and the ongoing leadership campaign.
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The price to pay for a good education

Students at Bishop's University have one solution on how Quebec can better fund its post-secondary institutions--by charging its students more. No one wants bigger bills, but Bishop's students council says there's a price to pay for a good education. The university's Students' Representative Council passed a resolution last week recognizing the need for Quebec students to make a greater contribution towards their post-secondary studies. Council president, Adam Peabody, explained the move to our Eastern Townships reporter Sarah Rogers.

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Romeo Saganash's return to politics

RomeoSaganash.jpgRomeo Saganash is back to work. He is the NDP member of parliament for Abitibi-Baie-James-Nunavik-Eeyou and back in the fall, he took a leave from his duties to confront his alcohol addiction.
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