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Political Panel with Rhéal Séguin and Gilbert Lavoie: February 2012 Archives

Political Panel: The ups and downs of polls

Just a few weeks ago, political analysts were sounding the death knell for the Parti Quebecois and its leader, Pauline Marois. Internal strife, high-profile defections had Cheshire grins on the faces of both the Premier Jean Charest and the leader of the CAQ, Francois Legault. A month later, the PQ is topping the polls, and Pauline Marois has risen from the ashes.

For a look at how this resurgence is affecting election timing, we hear from our political panel. Rheal Seguin is the Globe and Mail's bureau chief in Quebec City. Gilbert Lavoie is political columnist for Le Soleil.

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Political Panel: does the CAQ have any clout?

The CAQ is in the Assembly, but they lost their battles for budgets and question time. We'll ask our political panel how much clout the party expects to have, if their floortime in the Assembly is next to nothing.

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Political Panel: Environmental concerns around Plan Nord

Questions being raised about the Liberal government's plan to designate fully 20% of the province's North as protected from development. Some are wondering how they're going to balance that goal with their Plan Nord.

To discuss those questions and more, Susan is joined by Gilbert Lavoie, political columnist with Le Soleil newspaper and Rheal Seguin, the Globe and Mail bureau chief for Quebec.

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