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Lower St-Lawrence

The Sower


Sowing seeds - and ideas - in the picturesque Lower St. Lawrence region of Quebec. That's the subject of a new documentary called Le Semeur. The documentary is centered around Patrice Fortier, a man who has dedicated his life to preserving heritage seeds, and whose dedication to this very careful kind of cultivating has garnered him comparisons to a monk. Director Julie Perron tells Susan how working on the film has helped her see the garden as a metaphor for the world. 

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Emergency response to disasters in Gulf of St. Lawrence

In the event of an oil spill in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, who are you going to call? The Environment ministry of Quebec? New Brunswick? PEI? Newfoundland? The federal government? That's just one of the problems scientists pinpointed this week as they discussed what would happen in the event of an oil spill. Scientists from around the world at the Ocean Innovation Conference in Rimouski are trying to tackle that question.

Émilien Pelletier holds the Canada Research Chair in Marine Ecotoxicology at the Université du Québec in Rimouski, and he joins us this morning.
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An odor causes tourists to flee and city officials to worry

An unbearable stench has descended on Rimouski recently. Even though there have endured varying stenchy smells for years, residents say the odor is far worse this summer. Helene Gagné is the owner of Au soleil Couchant, a Motel and Resto-Bar in Pointe-au-Père, where the notorious smell is at its strongest.

She says her patio has remained empty because of the problem, a smell she describes as a mix of rotting algae and sewage. She says that a handful of tourists planning to stay at her motel have driven straight through town in an attempt to escape the odor.

Not everyone agrees on the source of the smell. We consulted Professor Emilien Pelletier, a marine eco-toxology expert based out of Rimouski.

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