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Living English: March 2013 Archives

Faith in english in the regions

Rouyn- Living English 002.jpgSome anglophones in Rouyn-Noranda can't picture themselves going to a french church, so when the only english protestant church in town shut down some decided to drive to Ontario to worship instead.
Marika Wheeler tells the story of how the closure of All Saints left a gap, and a rift, in the anglo community. 

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Learning to nurse in French and English

The CBC's Sarah Rogers explores another angle of health care for anglophones in the Eastern Townships. We hear how nursing students at Champlain College are training to work in both French and English. 
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Access to health care in English at the CHUS

CHUS1.JPGThe CBC's Sarah Rogers continues her look at language and health care service in the Eastern Townships. Today she looks specifically at the CHUS in Sherbrooke. 

At one point anglophones in the region were served mainly by the English language Sherbrooke Hospital. Services were gradually chanelled into the CHUS until the Sherbrooke hospital finally closed in the 1990s.

Sarah speaks to patients, employees and administrators at the CHUS to see how anglophones are accessing services now in Quebec. 
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