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Lac-Mégantic: September 2013 Archives

Parked train in Farnham

farnhamtrain.JPGEighty-five train cars filled with an unknown type of fuel have been left to sit on the tracks in the town of Farnham in the Eastern Townships since the accident in Lac-Mégantic this past July. Transport Canada is refusing to allow the convoy to move without it conforming to security regulations.

Our Townships reporter Alison Brunette has been in Farnham, looking for answers to why these cars have just been left to sit. Citizens and local politicians, including Member of Parliament for Brome-Mississquoi Pierre Jacob, tell us why they are alarmed by the situation.
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School routine helps families deal with trauma in Lac-Mégantic

Poulin-Villemaire.JPGThe back-to-school routine has helped some families in Lac-Mégantic regain a somewhat normal life. The CBC's Marika Wheeler introduces us to the Poulin-Villemaire family. We find out what life has been like for them since the disaster.

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Citizens and businesses of Lac-Mégantic are concerned about current rebuilding plans

Lac-Mégantic plans.jpgPeople in Lac Megantic now have a better idea what the reconstruction of the town may look like. But, many people, especially some business owners, aren't very supportive of the proposed plan. 

The CBC's Marika Wheeler has been spending time in the town. She joined us this morning with more of what she's hearing on the ground.

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