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Lac-Mégantic: August 2013 Archives

Lac-Mégantic: a good step forward to quickly get businesses back on track

Day by day, the re-development plan for Lac Mégantic is becoming a bit clearer.

Yesterday, Premier Pauline Marois announced that $16 million of its emergency fund for the town will go towards constructing a new commercial centre. She also said that a new temporary railway line to serve the industrial park will built in the next few months.

Béland Audet is the president of Logi-Bel transport logistics in Lac-Mégantic, one of the many businesses hit hard by the July 6th disaster. He joined us this morning.

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Arsenic and cancerogenic chemicals found in the Chaudière river

The environmental organization SVP has released the results of its water and shoreline tests along the Chaudière river, following the Lac-Mégantic rail disaster.

The organization was sampling not just for oil residues, but also for other toxic substances, such as arsenic and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, that can potentially be cancerogenic.

Daniel Green is president of SVP, and he shared the results of those tests with us this morning.

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