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Health: May 2013 Archives

Shaping the plan which hopes to encourage more Quebecers to eat local

RCtravailleurs-agricoles_sn635.jpgThe Parti Quebecois government launched its policy on food sovereignty last week and Premier Marois acknowledged that the plan is ambitious. It wants to see half the food consumed by Quebecers to have been locally produced. Solidarité rurale du Québec will be participating in the government's roundtable to develop the details of this policy. We spoke with their president, Claire Bolduc.

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R&D a "must" to increase Quebec's food sovereignty

vancouvercbclocalfood.jpgBefore the election last year, the Parti Quebecois promised to help boost the amount of locally-produced food that Quebecers eat. That's the focus of the government's new policy on food sovereignty.

Last week, the Marois government pledged to bring that proportion of locally-produced and locally-consumed food up to 50 per cent by offering incentives to both producers and distributors. But, some believe these incentives won't stand up to international trade agreements. Bruno Larue is the Canada Research Chair in international agri-food at Laval University, he joined us on the line this morning from his home in Quebec City.

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Do Helmets or scrum caps prevent head-related injuries in rugby?

RUGBY-AVR.jpgHigh-profile hockey and football injuries have sparked a lot of discussion about concussions and head-related injuries. Last week, that attention turned to rugby. A 17-year old Ottawa student, Rowan Stringer, captain of her high school rugby team, died. She had hit her head hard during a game, and later fell unconscious.

Her parents say that she had suffered previous blows to the head shortly before her last game, which led some health care professionals to question whether that contributed to the severity of her injuries. Quebec AM's Allison Van Rassel went to the Plains of Abraham to catch up with the St-Patrick's High School girls rugby team during practice.

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