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Dr Lin: September 2011 Archives

Research into combinations of prescription drugs

Taking certain prescription medications simultaneously can be dangerous in ways your doctor may be unaware of. This, according to troubling new research published this week in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. The study looked at the use of blood thinners along with antidepressants, and it found the combination can increase a patient's risk of internal bleeding. Our medical contributor Dr. Lin explains.

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New study links depression to stroke

According to a new study, people suffering from depression are significantly more likely to suffer from a stroke. What does this research, published Wednesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association, tell us about depression? Dr. Lin joins us to explain.

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Dealing with student depression

Handling your own cooking and finances is hard enough during those first days of university. But the dealing with depression can put new students over the edge. Our health columnist Dr. Irvin Wolkoff joins us with the warning signs.

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