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Arts & Culture: February 2014 Archives

Territoires magnétique: Artists celebrate their home

christinedufour.jpgA new exhibition on display at the Musée Régional de la Côte Nord is all about... you guessed it... the North Shore. It's called Territoire Magnétique, and brings together art from seven visual artists who live and work in the region. One of them is Christine Dufour, who also co-curated the exhibition. Originally born in Montreal, Christine told our Julia Caron what brought her to the North Shore, and how if influences her work. She also describes some of the pieces on display, and you can see photos online here.
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Wapikoni Mobile celebrates its tenth anniversary

wapikoni.jpgThis week, Wapikoni Mobile is celebrating ten years of existence. It's an organization we've followed over the years as it travelled across the country, spending time and sharing stories and skill in many communities across Quebec. To find out more about what this anniversary milestone represents, Quebec AM's Julia Page spoke with Melissa Mollen DupuisShe's from the Innu community of Ekuanitshit on the Lower North Shore. Julia asked Melissa what the experience allowed her to discover about her own culture.
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Celebrating culture through storytelling

tipatshimutau.jpgStories help us understand and connect with the world around us. Think of the stories your grandmother told you when you were young. They remind you of who you are, and where you come from. That's part of the reason why Muriel Miguel, a pillar of the North American Indigenous theatre community, centers her work around storyweaving as a way of preserving culture. She's part of the Tipatshimutau performances taking place at the Musée de la civilisation this week. Muriel joined Susan in studio to tell us more about why she thinks storyweaving is essential for healthy, vibrant communities. 
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