This week on Q - Jan 14-Jan 18/2013

MONDAY: Essayist Katie Roiphe on her collection In Praise of Messy Lives, a critique of what she sees as the tendency toward narrow and safe lives. A look at the rise in South Africa's comedy scene, and a feature conversation with stand-up comic Trevor Noah, one of its rising stars. Q's Sports Culture Panel, today with journalists Dave Bidini and Scott Russell. LISTEN

TUESDAY: Food writer Mark Bittman explains why he is furious with pop musicians and their casual endorsement of soft drinks, as Beyoncé is set to do for Pepsi during the Super Bowl next month. U.K. author and environmental activist Mark Lynas on why he has changed his mind from being against GMOs to supporting them. Giles Slade on his book The Big Disconnect that looks at the loneliness that accompanies our passion for technology today. LISTEN

WEDNESDAY: NY Times sports reporter Juliet Macur on this week's highly-anticipated interview between Oprah Winfrey and disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong. Senior film critic David Thomson on his book "The Big Screen," an ode to an art form that says "if the movies are dying, the long-running funeral has been a show to behold." Should civalry be revived? A Q debate with Atlantic writer Emily Esfahani Smith, who's calling for a return to chivalry, and Psychology professor Peter Glick, who argues chivalry is sexist. LISTEN  

THURSDAY: Guardian writer Rachel Shabi on her recent article, And the winner is....Islamophobia, where she takes issue with recent Golden Globe winning and Oscar nominated films like Argo and Zero Dark Thirty, and the TV show Homeland. UK online magazine editor Milo Yiannopoulos on why he's on a mission to expose online trolls (those who exploit Internet anonymity to abuse or antagonize others). Dissecting Jodie Foster's Golden Globe speech with The Globe and Mail's Kate Taylor. 

FRIDAY: Friday Live performances throughout the show from Spanish flamenco guitar master Paco Peña. The Poynter Institute's Jeff Sonderman on The Atlantic's controversial advertorial and the ethical risks of sponsorship. Q's Media Panel, with's Judy Rebick, John Cruickshank, publisher of The Toronto Star, and Jonathan Kay of the National Post. Film actor Dustin Hoffman talks about his directorial debut, Quartet. Elvira Kurt's Cultural Hall of Shame.

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