This week on Q - Nov 19-23/12

MONDAY: Brent Bambury guest hosts! Should Facebook do more to ensure the safety of young users? A Q debate with activist Sandy Garrosino of the Red Hood Project and Parry Aftab, a member of Facebook's Safety Advisory Board.  Susannah Cahalan on her new memoir, Brain on Fire, about suddenly descending into what appeared to be serious mental illness, before a doctor properly diagnosed her. In the wake of the Lance Armstrong doping discussion, competitive runner Christian Hesch reflects on his own drug use. Listen here

TUESDAY: Jim Brown guest hosts! A feminist journalist and an art critic debate The Art Gallery of Ontario's "unibrow" marketing campaign for its show of paintings by iconic Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. Lynn Povich, author of The Good Girls Revolt, the story of how a group of women working at Newsweek in 1970 came together to launch the first female class action lawsuit for discriminatory hiring and promotion. Susan Lacy, director of a new PBS American Masters documentary about film and music mogul David Geffen. Listen here 

WEDNESDAY: Terry O'Reilly guest hosts! The consequences of hipster culture's obsession with irony, according to New York Times contributor Christy Wampole. Live music from Trent Severn, a folk-roots trio featuring Ontario musicians Emm Gryner, Dayna Manning and Laura Bates. As the last installment of the Twilight series hits theatres, author Matt Kaplan explains why the supernatural creatures it contains are ideal for our times.

THURSDAY: Best of Q!  Filmmaker Spike Lee on his Michael Jackson documentary BAD 25. U.K soul singer Michael Kiwanuka performs from his debut album, Home Again. Filmmaker Xavier Dolan on his film drama Laurence Anyways.

FRIDAY: Q on the Road from Edmonton, Alberta. Jian welcomes some of the city's liveliest performers, and most opinionated personalities: music performances from electro-punks Shout Out Out Out and singer-songwriter Colleen Edmonton version of Q's Media Panel...the cast of CBC comedy The Irrelevant Show, the look into the rebranding of Edmonton's identity, filmmaker Trevor Anderson and much more.

Audio is available the day after the broadcast.

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