This week on Q - Nov 12-16/12

MONDAY: Best of Q. Q debate on the changing roles of libraries: Should they be book havens, or community hubs? Urban affairs critic Christopher Hume debates traditional library lover and writer Jon Reiner. Comic and actor Ray Romano on his career and a documentary about his stand-up comedy tour, 95 Miles to Go. Performance and chat with Cold Specks from her album, I Predict a Graceful Expulsion

TUESDAY: Brent Bambury guest hosts. UK-based Syrian journalist Leen Zyiad and writer Malu Halasa, curators of an exhibition of alternative "resistance" art from Syria, now on in Amsterdam. Actress Sally Field on her wide-ranging career, and her unexpected casting as Mary Todd Lincoln in Steven Spielberg's latest film, Lincoln. Writer Thomas King on his new book The Inconvenient Indian, on what it means to be 'Indian' in North America.  

WEDNESDAY: The rise of gay literature in India and what it says about LGBT acceptance, three years after decriminalization. Writer, critic, and activist Naomi Wolf on her latest book, Vagina: A New Biography, which details the new science of female sexuality. The chemistry professor, Donna Nelson, who acts as the consultant to the popular TV drug drama Breaking Bad

THURSDAY: British-born guitar virtuoso Peter Frampton on his new CB/DVD set FCA 35, which documents the best of his concerts that pay tribute to the 35th anniversary of his most famous album, Frampton Comes Alive!  

FRIDAY: Friday Live musical guest...jazz singer (and CBC Radio 2 host) Molly Johnson. Neurologist and writer Oliver Sacks on his latest book, Hallucinations. Elvira Kurt's Cultural Hall of Shame.

Audio is available the day after the broadcast.

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