This Week on Q - Nov 5-9/12

MONDAY: Montreal-born philanthropist Charles Bronfman -- one of the wealthiest people in the world -- on his book, The Art of Doing Good: Where Passion Meets Action. Caitlin Doughty on her popular web series, Ask a Mortician, that seeks to demystify death and the disposal of bodies. Q's Sports Culture Panel. Listen here

TUESDAY: Guardian reporter Paul Harris on why Bill and Hillary Clinton are seen as the true winners of the 2012 presidential race. As Americans go to the polls, conservative satirist PJ O'Rourke gives his views on the 2012 campaign, polarization in US politics and why there are so few conservative satirists. Christian blogger and writer Rachel Held Evans explains how a single word for female genitalia is keeping her first book -- A Year of Biblical Womanhood --  out of Christian bookstores. Listen here

WEDNESDAY: Former speech writers from both parties reflect on yesterday's U.S. election results. Montreal band The Luyas perform. Cooking expert and Cook's Illustrated magazine founder Christopher Kimball on why cooking is "scientific" and not as easy as TV chefs would have us believe. Listen here

THURSDAY: Journalist Benjamin Wallace on how Asperger's Syndrome -- the autism disorder -- has crept into our culture as both an insult and a way of praising unusual thinking and behaviour. Culture critic Camille Paglia on her new book, Glittering Images: A Journey Through Art from Egypt to Star Wars. A Q debate on whether it is ethical to use GPS-like apps to monitor your child. Torquil Campbell's Rant or Rave column. Listen here

FRIDAY: Friday Live musical guest Amanda Palmer. She and her band, The Grand Theft Orchestra, used Kickstarter to raise funds to make their album, Theatre is Evil. New Yorker writer Alex Ross on whether we're seeing a watershed moment when it comes to shifting attitudes in America about gay rights. Q's Media Panel. Filmmaker Nisha Pahuja on her documentary, The World Before Her. Elvira Kurt's Cultural Hall of Shame.

Audio is available the day after the broadcast.

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