This Week on Q - Oct 29-Nov 2/12

MONDAY: Do we still need gender-specific literary prizes? Some female writers oppose the idea, but Janice Zawerbny, editorial director at Thomas Allen Publishers, is instituting one for female fiction authors in Canada. Duran Duran bassist John Taylor on his memoir In the Pleasure Groove. Q's sports culture panel. LISTEN.

TUESDAY: Comedian Rob Delaney, who started posting his comedic comments on Twitter, and now has half a million followers. The ever-opinionated Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins on the new configuration of that rock band, and their popular new album. Teenage blogger and fashion icon Tavi Gevinson on Rookie Yearbook One. LISTEN.

WEDNESDAY: Giller Prize winner Will Ferguson talks about his novel, 419. Filmmaker and subject (musician Rodriguez) of hugely popular documentary, Searching for Sugar Man. Novelist and screenwriter Salman Rushdie and director Deepa Mehta on their feature film version of Rushdie's Midnight's Children, which opens in Canada on Friday. LISTEN.

THURSDAY: Humourist Fran Lebowitz weighs on next week's U.S. election, and on the political landscape of her homeland. Montreal-based video game developer Vander Caballero on his autobiographical Playstation game, set in the favelas of Brazil, Papa Y Yo. LISTEN

FRIDAY: The upcoming U.S. election has high stakes for all. Join Q as we ask political journalists, cultural observers and humourists to define the issues and influences on the 2012 Presidential race. Guests include: journalist Andrew Potter on the much-discussed "truthiness" issue in this campaign, Jenn Hollett on the Super PAC App she's developed to help voters "follow the money" and learn who is funding commercials for candidates, Erik Nielson on hip hop's disenchantment with Obama, Nancy L. Cohen on how reproductive rights and issues related to women have shaped the race... and much more.

Audio is available the day after the broadcast.

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