This Week On Q - Jul 16-20/12

MONDAY: Pulitzer-Prize nominated journalist and author Nicholas Carr argues that groundbreaking, high-minded innovation in America has stalled while small-scale, surface-focused innovation is thriving (and narcissism and affluence are to blame).  BRAVO! executive Andy Cohen on his breezy new memoir, Most Talkative: Stories from the Front Lines of Popular Culture. Musician Colin Stetson. Listen to the entire show.

TUESDAY: We'll check in with Horace Trubridge, leader of the Musicians' Union in London, who is protesting the London 2012 Olympic organizers' decision to ask dozens of musicians to play for free. Electronic dance music star Joel Zimmerman a.k.a. deadmau5 on his new EP The Veldt. Listen to the entire show.

WEDNESDAY: Journalist Paul Hockenos on the future of Hitler's Mein Kampf in Germany. Singer Chris Isaak on his new album, Beyond the Sun. Salon music critic Andrew O'Herir on why Hollywood's focus on young viewers is misguided. He says it's time to make movies for adults .Listen to the entire show.

THURSDAY: A look at how the U.S. army is admitting to a $5 billion-dollar fashion faux pas, recalling its pixelated camouflage pattern that actually made soldiers easier to spot.
Pop singer Kelly Clarkson on her 5th studio album, Stronger. Julia Christensen, a professor and the author of Big Box Reuse, on what towns are doing to reclaim abandoned big box stores and put them to good use. Listen to the entire show.

FRIDAY: Roboticist turner writer Daniel H. Wilson on his latest book, Amped, about technology that turns people with disabilities into people with super abilities. Internationally celebrated Canadian artist Michael Snow on his varied career and latest exhibit at the AGO. A debate on language and gender neutrality in Sweden.

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