This Week On Q - May 7-11/12

Monday: The scientific case against living together before marriage. Humourist and author A.J. Jacobs on his latest book, Drop Dead Healthy: One Man's Humble Quest for Bodily Perfection. Q's Sports Culture Panel with writers Stephen Brunt and Dave Bidini.

Tuesday: Author and journalist Kate Stone Lombardi on her new book, The Myth of the Mama's Boy. Author and economics and public policy professor Charles Wheelan makes his case for why commencement speeches need to change. Vancouver actress Cobie Smulders on her role in blockbuster superhero movie The Avengers, and her ongoing comic role as a Canadian in the hit American sitcom, How I Met Your Mother.

Wednesday: A.M. Gittlitz on the masked band of female punk musicians who have become a top news story in Russia due to their bold anti-Putin performances, and subsequent jailing. A Q Debate over theatre etiquette. Is it okay to tap away at your phone during a Broadway musical or stage drama? A look at a new police profiling app in the UK + Mio Adilman's Download Down Lo.

Clive Thompson on "brogramming" culture. E.L. James on her breakout "Mommy Porn" book, Fifty Shades of Grey. Kevin Durand on his role in the buzzed-about film drama, Edwin Boyd: Citizen Gangster.  

Friday: Friday Live musical guest Alan Doyle of the band Great Big Sea performs from his new solo album, Boy on Bridge. Sheldon Cohen on his new book, This Sweater Is For You! about the story's enduring appeal, and his beloved film. Q's Media Panel. Elvira Kurt's Cultural Hall of Shame, and more.

Audio is available the day following the broadcast.

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