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MONDAY Daniel Radcliffe

TUESDAY Timothy Caulfield

WEDNESDAY Sarah Nicole Prickett

THURSDAY Lara Roxx (and Mia Donovan)

FRIDAY Sue Johanson (and Josey Vogels)

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Monday: Geoffrey York, Globe & Mail reporter in Johannesberg, talks about the outaged reaction to a college campus poster of a nude couple - one black, one white. British actor Daniel Radcliffe on his new movie thriller, The Woman in Black. Q's sports culture panel with Mary Ormsby and Bruce Dowbiggan.

Tuesday: Bookstores: a Q debate. Journalist Farhad Manjoo argues that our affection for the bricks and mortar bookstore is sentimental while bookstore owner Joanne Saul defends their continuing usefulness. Timothy Caulfield, Canada Research Chair in Health Law and Policy and author of The Cure for Everything.

Wednesday: Fashion writer Sarah Nicole Prickett on why fashion journalism is so badly written. Torquil Campbell's Rant or Rave column.

ThursdayLara Roxx and Mia Donovan, the subject and the director, respectively, of the new documentary, Inside Lara Roxx.

Friday: Q's Media Panel. Q's Modern Love series continues with sexperts Sue Johanson and Josey Vogels on the questions they are most often asked. Elvira Kurt's Cultural Hall of Shame.

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