This Week on Q May 30-Jun 3

MONDAY Alice Cooper

TUESDAY Sondre Lerche

WEDNESDAY The Secret Sisters

THURSDAY Larry Flynt

FRIDAY William Shatner

Monday: Carmen Callil on her decision to withdraw from the Booker Prize jury. Alice Cooper talks about his clear divide between his shock rock persona and everyday self. Q's Sports Culture Panel returns.

Tuesday: Norwegian singer, guitarist and songwriter Sondre Lerche stops by to talk about his sixth album, Sondre Lerche. Currator Andrew Bolton on the Alexander McQueen retrospective at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Wednesday: Alabama-based sibling duo Laura and Lydia Rogers of The Secret Sisters perform from their debut self-titled album of sweet harmonies and country charm.

Thursday: Hustler publisher Larry Flynt on his book, One Nation Under Sex: How the private lives of presidents, first ladies and their lovers changed the course of American history. 

Friday: Former Star Trek captain William Shatner on receiving an honourary degree at McGill University in Montreal. Q's Media Panel returns.  

Audio is available the day following the broadcast.

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