This Week on Q May 16-20

MONDAY Brian D. Johnson (in Cannes)



THURSDAY Rebecca Traister (on "Bridesmaids")

FRIDAY Liane Balaban (Crankytown)

Monday: Film writer Brian D. Johnson checks in after the opening weekend of the Cannes Film Festival. Q 's Sport Culture Panel. A Q debate over whether we should eat horsemeat.

Tuesday: Electronica musician Moby on his new record, Destroyed. Humour theorist Peter McGraw discusses his research into what makes something funny.

Wednesday: Author and activist Chaz Bono on his new memoir, Transition, an account of his journey from Chastity, pigtailed daughter of Sonny and Cher, to transgendered man.

Thursday: Author and film journalist Peter Bart on his latest book, Infamous Players: A Tale of Movies, the Mob (and Sex), about his stint as an executive at Hollywood's Paramount Studios. Salon writer Rebecca Traister on why going to see the new female-centered comedy Bridesmaids is our social responsibility.

Friday: Q's Media Panel. The creators of the irreverent website Crankytown, a place for young girls to discuss their periods.  

Audio is available the day following the broadcast.

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