This Week on Q Jan 17-21

MONDAY Karen Armstrong

TUESDAY Suzanne Somers

WEDNESDAY Gretchen Rubin

THURSDAY Olivier Assayas

FRIDAY Jenn Grant

Monday: We talk to the creator of the new Afghan TV show, The Mask, followed by a chat with journalist Nelofer Pazira on the power of women's issue-based shows in Afghanistan today. Q's Sports Culture Panel returns. Nun-turned-theological-thinker Karen Armstrong on her latest book, 12 Steps To A Compassionate Life.

TuesdaySuzanne Somers talks about her most recent book, Sexy Forever: How to Fight Fat after Forty. American alt-country band The Jayhawks on the re-release of their two acclaimed albums, Hollywood Town Hall and Tomorrow The Green Grass.

Wednesday:  We talk to LA Times Food Editor Russ Parsons about the recent outing of its restaurant critic. Author Gretchen Rubin on her bestseller, The Happiness Project.

Thursday: French director Olivier Assayas on his Golden Globe Award-winning film, Carlos. A debate on spaces. Should there be one space after a period?  Or two spaces?

NOTE: King's Speech screenwriter David Seidler is feeling sick... we'll let you know when his interviewed will be rescheduled.  

Friday: Friday Live musical guest Jenn Grant performs from her new album, Honeymoon Punch. A debate over whether rock n' roll is dead. Plus, the 100th anniversary of the suit.  

Audio is available the day following the broadcast.

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