This Week on Q: November 22 - 26, 2010

MONDAY Judah Friedlander

TUESDAY Jerry Stiller

WEDNESDAY Canada Reads Panelists Revealed


FRIDAY Mandy Moore

Monday: Jeet Heer on Maclean's controversial "Too Asian" story. 30 Rock star, comedian and actor, Judah Friedlander. Q's Sports Culture Panel reconvenes.

Tuesday: Author Erica Jong on mommy wars and attachment parenting. Seinfeld star, longtime performer and comedic actor, Jerry Stiller.

Wednesday:  2011 Canada Reads panelists and books are revealed.

Thursday: Musician Cee Lo Green on his new album, The Lady Killer. Impressionist and musical comedian, Andre Phillipe Gagnon.

Friday: Friday Live Guests Wolf Parade play from their album, Expo 86. Actress/singer Mandy Moore on her new animated film, Tangled.

Audio is available the day following the broadcast.

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