The Week on Q: June 28 - July 2, 2010

MONDAY Karen Elson

TUESDAY Foodie Culture

WEDNESDAY Len "Uncle Leo" Lesser

THURSDAY Canada Day Best of Q

FRIDAY Simon Rich

Monday:  G20 Media Panel.  Karen Elson.  From the Q Vault: Garrison Keillor.

Tuesday:  Whale Culture.  Foodie Culture.  From the Q Vault:  Alex Cuba. 

Wednesday:  Nate Phelps.  Len Lesser.  From the Q Vault:  Tegan & Sara.

Thursday:  Canada Day Best of Q:  The "Zoomer" Debate.  Des McAnuff.  Caribou.

Friday:  Simon Rich.  From the Q Vault:  Vampire Weekend.


(Strawberry image by Bahadorjn)

(Maple Leaf image by Benimoto)


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