On Monday we will reveal, live on the show, the remaining 8 finalists in CBC Music's Searchlight...their competition to determine the best new musical act in the country, as voted by you.
You can vote here.
Keep listening to Q as every week we'll be announcing those going onto the next round, right up to the big winner.
For now, here are links to hear the remaining for this round closes Sunday at midnight.
* Absolute Forever (Vancouver)
* Rosie June (Victoria)
* The Good Ol' Goats (Cranbrook)
* Randi Boulton (Calgary)
* Close Talker (Saskatoon)
* Elton Adams (Winnipeg)
* Dreamz (Toronto)
* Poor Angus (Hamilton)
* Ambre McLean (Kitchener-Waterloo)
* Henry Norwood (Ottawa)  
* Shy-Anne Hovorka (Thunder Bay)
* Sarah Smith (Windsor)
* Motel Raphael (Montreal)
* i.No (Quebec City)
* Tristan Horncastle and the Southern Drive (Fredericton)
* Sherman Downey and the Ambiguous Case (St. John's)
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