Mio on the Down-Lo: Let's get so-ci-al...so-ci-al...

mioheadshot[1].jpgIf we held a YOUTUBE SOCIAL right now, and I held the remote, I would show you the JEFF LEWIS FIVE MINUTE COMEDY HOUR (he's an actor from the web series classic THE GUILD. Then, we'd listen to TWEET IT. And before I passed you the virtual remote control, we'd watch at least part of Kanye's new hip hop opera  RUNAWAY because I haven't seen it yet.

What would you show me? Lemme know...in the meantime, click the link for more webmania...and check out Youtube Social quickly because Youtube has discovered it and isn't thrilled...letters have been sent...

SCRABBLY is a "massively multiplayer online crossword puzzle (aka Scrabble on steroids).

This FOOTAGE OF THE EARTH was shot on an IPhone in a weather balloon sent into space by a cinematographer and his son.

Ben Stiller's parents JERRY STILLER and ANNE MEARA were a well-known comedy duo in the '60s and they're still making people laugh in this web series created by their son. 

If you sign up to the PIXIES site they will send you a live concert EP featuring some songs from Doolittle, to commemorate the album's 20th anniversary.

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