Mio on the Down-Lo: Awwwww...Mommmm...Dadddd!

mioheadshot[1].jpgWhat do YOUR parents think of your profession, passion, pursuits, or whatever else it is you do with your time? Do they GET you...man? Can you relate to the Dutch abstract artists trying to explain their conceptual works to mom and dad in the online doc series HOW TO EXPLAIN IT TO MY PARENTS?

The series is billed as a 9-parter but I can only find 4...but, no question, the most explosive is the one featuring ARNO COENENClick through for more...

But, at least Arno's dad is no HIGH EXPECTATIONS ASIAN FATHER.

Web video site Vimeo held their VIDEO AWARDS over the weekend. The overall winner was another doc called LAST MINUTES WITH ODEN. Many others worth checking out if you have the time...(jury consisted of people like David Lynch, Morgan Spurlock and M.I.A.)

Awww man, did you miss the chance, back in the '90s, to grab a pic with Vanilla Ice. Well, now's the time to ICE YOURSELF.

I stopped drinking coffee last year to avoid the COFFEE WARS

Check out this crazy big YO-YO...yo.

And, of course, my favourite this week...LIU WEI, winner of China's Got Talent 2010.

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