Does the "feminist" label matter?


Katy Perry says that while she believes in "the strength of women," she does not identify as a "feminist".  And she's not the only high-profile woman reluctant to use the label. Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, Marissa Mayer, Sandra Day O'Connor, Bjork, Madonna, Taylor Swift also don't identify as feminists. So, considering pay equity, reproductive freedom and overall sexism are still big issues, does it matter whether or not one identifies as a "feminist"?

Today on Q, we convened a debate on the importance of such a label. Mary Elizabeth Williams -- staff writer for Salon -- says "Ha! HA HA HA!" to those women who don't think we need feminism... and that if you believe in the strength of women, then you're soaking in feminism. However, Nona Willis Aronowitz -- author of Girldrive: Crisscrossing America, Redefining Feminism -- says she doesn't care who rejects or accepts the feminist identifier, as long as they believe in what feminism stands for.

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