Has coffee culture jumped the shark?


Do you really need to home roast your beans? How about hand-grind them? Is foam art really necessary? There's a growing cultural obsession with the intricacies of the perfect brew.  Do you yearn for the days of a simple cup of joe? Or do you delight in a robust coffee culture? Plus, click through to see the foam art guest Matt Richtel created this morning and tell us what you think he was trying to make!

Jian spoke with Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times reporter Matt Richtel, who dove into the rigorous world of pro-coffee trainers and came out with some highly caffeinated insights into the current coffee mania. (And a little indoctrination into the ways of haute coffee culture, too.)

So what do you think he was aiming for with this?


THE ANSWER: Thank you for all your guesses! But it's not a cloud, a melting snow man or a certain marshmallow man...

Matt explains: "I tried to make a latte heart. When I failed, I transformed it into this semi teddy bear, for my wife's coffee."

(Hey, we said he was new at this!) 

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