Q's Top 20: #9 - Amanda Palmer


From street busker to Dresden Doll to one-half of Evelyn Evelyn... Amanda "F***ing" Palmer's work over the last decade has culminated in the dynamic album that is Theatre Is Evil, her second full-length solo record (crafted along with the Grand Theft Orchestra), and #9 on Q's Top 20 Albums of 2012. You know her Kickstarter story, of course... she's the one who went in search of $100,000 from fans to fund her album, and ended up collecting $1.2 million, smashing crowdfunding records along the way. But that's just the prologue to the story of Theatre Is Evil. The record takes all the best things about Amanda Palmer -- her provocative spirit, show-your-bones attitude, sense of the absurd, dramatic flare, and that bottomless voice -- and channels them through glimmering 80s synths, power-rock anthems, commanding strings and horns, heart-breaking piano ballads and more. It's epic and intimate. It's confessional and fantastical. It's distinctly Amanda Palmer.

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