Should the KKK be allowed to adopt a highway?


kkk620x200.jpgMembers of the International Keystone Knights Realm of Georgia [AP Photo/The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Curtis Compton]

The Ku Klux Klan in Georgia is fighting for the right to adopt a stretch of Route 515, part of a state initiative to keep highways clear of debris. Their application was recently denied. In explaining its decision, Georgia's department of transportation cited the KKK's "long rooted history of civil disturbance". That decision has been met with relief by many in the state, including the head of the Georgia Association of Black Elected Officials.

The KKK is contesting the decision, and has found an ally in the American Civil Liberties Union, a group that has won many significant free speech cases in the United States. Debbie Seagraves, the group's executive director, explains why the ACLU is taking up this cause.

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