Redesigning America

Coming next month, Q has taken on the daunting task of Redesigning America. It's a special co-production with our friends at Studio 360.

Over the month of June, we'll be bringing together special guests to re-imagine various aspects of American life. We'll be looking at Hollywood and the media; manner and morals; and in a full show special on the 4th of July we'll be redesigning the American Dream.

As our first task, we'll be looking at America's international image. President Barack Obama promised a reboot. We'll be looking at the state of Brand USA and asking what image America should be cultivating in 21st century.

We want to crowd-source this as much as possible, so we're looking for your help. Is America still seen as the land of the free or a global bully? With China and other emerging economies on the rise, is it time for the United States to let go of its superpower status?   

(And don't forget to enter our contest: redesign America in six words for a chance to win a trip to Ottawa.)

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