Cold comedy



Today, guest host Brent Bambury spoke to Joe Rhodes, the nephew of Marjorie Nugent -- the subject of Richard Linklater's new dark comedy, Bernie.

Based on a true story, the film stars Jack Black as Bernie Tiede, a beloved small-town funeral director who ends up murdering an ornery wealthy widow (Marjorie), played by Shirley MacLaine. After shooting her four times in the back, Bernie ends up stuffing her in a freezer, where her frozen body remained for nine months, while he spent her fortune.

The film has been billed as a story "so unbelievable it must be true." Indeed, Joe Rhodes' Aunt Marge really was found dead "on top of the flounder and under the Marie Callender's chicken potpies, wrapped in a Land's End sheet." Take a listen to the interview. 
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