Mio on the Down-Lo: Spell Check

The death of spelling and grammar is finally upon us...and it's my fault...

With some relief, I have avoided the "asshat" designation at KLOUCHEBAG but I do get low marks for use of grammar and spelling which wasn't so troubling because, hey, it's the internet. Things are a little more relaxed, right? My lax grammatitude was confronted, though, by the shocking revelation that many on Twitter are unable to spell COLOGNE ("Got a new colon today. It's smells great!"), and by the vitriol leveled at STEALTH MOUNTAIN for his gentle reminder that "sneak peek" isn't spelled "sneak peak". I used to roll my eyes when the "old folks" would presage the death of proper English, but it seems to be happening...and it has made me rethink my role in it's demise...what about you?


Comedian MARK MALKOFF is trying to watch 250 movies in 30 days on Netflix. At the $7.99 subscription rate, that will work out to about 3 cents a movie.

You still Suck At PHOTOSHOP (long awaited third season).

This RADIO TIME MACHINE lets you quickly compare and remember hits and styles from different eras.

Ohhhh....CANADA...Ohhhh USA

Maybe I just look weird but I find it hard to find thumbnail avatars that resemble me...so GROW A FACE comes in handy.

This crazy MOVIE MIMIC travels to well known film locations to recreate his favourite scenes. 

Do you want a lollipop? Ewww, there's no way to say that without sounding creepy...but, really, if you want one, you gotta check out the flavours at LOLLYPHILE! 


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