Mio on the Down-Lo: Leafs Beefs

Ohhh...poor, long-suffering Toronto Maple Leafs fans, take cold comfort in the dank garage of beer-swilling Dominique Girouard and Robbie Carruthers as they unleash a filthy tirade of LEAFS BEEFS (NSFW). I don't know what's worse though...the incompetent team or the codependent fans who refuse to cut the cord. Vote with your feet people...you can always come back when they've proved their mettle, no? We could hardly call you a fair-weather fan after this many years of underwhelming hockey...more links after the break...

You've never had dip quite like this FRESH GUACAMOLE.

Every minute of every day, apparently, someone tweets the time, thus the web giveth the CHIRP CLOCK GIRL WALK ALL DAY is a feature length dance movie set to digital musician Girl Talk's mashup, All Day.

Or, if you prefer something old school, ARTISTIFY Unlike this very young GIRL GETTING PSYCHED for her first ski jump, I have never been able to take the plunge.


The mildly NSFW but highly erudite B*TCHES IN BOOKSHOPS is a take off on the very NSFW song by 'Ye and Jay.

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