Do images of breastfeeding belong on Facebook?

breastfeedingblog.jpg> Jaime Reina / AFP

The debate over where, and even whether, it's appropriate for mothers to breastfeed their children in public has been going on for years. And that debate has spread to Facebook, where photos of breastfeeding continue to create controversy.

The social network is replete with photographs of parties, pets, and questionably shareable moments of all kinds. But in recent years it has removed some user photos of women breastfeeding their babies, deeming the images explicit.

That's drawn protest from mothers who think Facebook shouldn't be in the business of censoring a natural act. Jian spoke to Emma Kwasnica, a mother-of-three who is helping lead a fight against Facebook. Have a listen to what she had to say and then let us know your view on the great breastfeeding photo debate.

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