Mio on the Down-Lo: Ice Ice Breaker Baby

Couples getting mushy on FB is enough for me to say, "get a chatroom", but for those looking to rekindle the sparks of the dawn of love can create a social network built for two at  THE ICE BREAK. Is digital flirtation the answer to a waning relationship? Or should we just put down the mouse and do it in person?  More after the jump.

Let's start this week's data dump with a trilogy of unrelated videos about phobias: BEARDS then READING then HANDSHAKING.
I can't re-find the exact amount but the number of cover versions of Adele's Rolling In The Deep runs into the hundreds of thousands apparently. The best ones have been stitched into a WORLD COVER VERSION.
Dunno how many times Radiohead's Creep has been covered but YOU'RE A CREEP, CHARLIE BROWN wins this week's mash-up award. It's a Radiohead cover by a Scandinavian all-girl choir set to mopey footage from the Peanuts cartoons. Got it?

This one has nothing to do with videos or music: It's a fascinating look at how WEB BROWSERS get their names.

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