Mio on the Down-Lo: Party time to go

Listen up Calgary, yo yo yo Toronto, the DECENTRALIZED DANCE PARTY is coming to you in March and February as part of its Strictly Business tour and if it's anything like what just happened in Austin, Texas (or Saskatoon last year) there will be dancing in the streets...lots. But are you down for uninhibited joy and happiness on the scale of an Occupy sit-in?
These revolting DELICACIES will not be served at any party I throw.
Casey Neistat files a funny "op-doc" about TEXTING WHILE WALKING for the New York Times.
TUBALR helps you check out Youtube music videos minus the million inane ads and the often-moronic commentary.
But you will want to hear these HOME VIDEO COMMENTARIES courtesy of the Ramsey brothers.
Or if brevity is your thing, choose your next movie by reading HAIKU REVIEWS.
When my kid was born I took a CPR class lest she choke on something but I was so sleep deprived I couldn't remember a thing about it until I watched VINNIE JONES' video refresher. He's the scary guy from those Guy Ritchie movies...keep on Stayin' Alive y'all...
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