A message from Jian

Dear Q audience (humans!),

Well, just over a week ago, a grassroots online campaign to bring Q's live show to a city in Ontario really took hold. It started with a simple note on Twitter from someone in London and then spread to communities around the province.

It occurred to the team here at Q that in our nearly five years of existence we've done live audience shows right across the country (and even in New York and Chicago) but none in Ontario outside of Toronto. Yep. You caught us. So we agreed that sometime in mid-February we will visit the Ontario city or town with the most impressive campaign.

A few days later, we have been truly overwhelmed and humbled by your responses. You guys are the best. We can only choose one place to visit in February and it's going to be very hard to choose... so as we head toward the December 8th decision announcement, here are a few things to know. (click to read more)

Your offers of free sandwiches and spa treatments are very kind, but we cannot accept them. Your three-storey butter sculpture of me is amazingly lifelike, but it will not really sway us. And don't worry about venues or tickets; the Q team will need to work those details out with production considerations in mind.

If you want a little nod to what we're really looking for: What makes your city unique? What makes it a place we should showcase to the continent? And what makes its citizens so passionate about arts, culture, and entertainment? And how much of your community has mobilized behind your effort?

You can let us know about your efforts by posting a link to your coordinated bid in the comments. We will make the decision on the afternoon of December 7th so we'd ask that you have final touches to your campaigns done by noon (ET) on Wednesday the 7th.

Again, this has been so much fun and very energizing for us. Thank you. And please forgive us in advance for not having every detail worked out...we've been trying to catch up to you on all of this and it has come as a lovely surprise.


Jian (on behalf of the Q Team)

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