Mio on the Down-Lo: No *#@ Way!

mio.jpgDo people swear too much online? Are your status updates laced with profanities? Or are you getting a little boxed in by the pressure to keep it family friendly? If you're looking to clean up your Twitter feed for a good cause, let CHARITY SWEAR BOX scan the past month and "fine" you a dollar for every 
expletive. But it's up to you to then make the donation...

Here's what I'm really digging:
8 TRACKS seems to have user-curated song playlists for just about any occasion.
Hmmm...now that we have some music...what to drink? Let DRINKIFY know what's playing on your stereo and it will suggest a matching cocktail.           
Not sure what purpose this serves but I'm feeling THE RAP BOARD...where are the lady MCs though?
How does ARTHUR CADRE do that?
Uh oh...watch out for the SEVEN DEADLY WEBSITES.
If you don't know that time it is you better check the HONE HONE CLOCK.
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