Mio on the Down-Lo:

mio.jpgCliffsNotes were frowned on when I was in high school but that didn't stop many kids from using them under the desk. If they enhanced a student's education, shouldn't they have been more accepted? Relevant question now that the venerable "cheat sheets" have been turned into even shorter web videos. A whole new generation might use CLIFFSNOTES FILMS to help them through that next Shakespeare assignment.
I probably shouldn't mention this but now you can check how ahead or behind the curve I am by checking the freshness of my links at IS IT OLD.
Judging by the demo video, UNTHINK seems like a good idea for people craving a little more privacy with their social networking. You can control your different social streams...but if I sign up, how can I get my hundreds of FB friends to join me?
This is hardly fresh (4 million plus views) but did you know JUSTIN BIEBER can rap?
BAROQUE ME visualizes the first Prelude from Bach's Cello Suites. 
ONE MILLIONTH TOWER, the next chapter in the NFB's acclaimed Highrise doc series, has blogs buzzing with its use of the highly interactive HTML 5 software called Popcorn.
And finally, people, sometimes you just need to listen to the GOOD ADVICE-CREAM. High calorie guidance...
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