Q Contest: Most annoying misused words


On Monday's program, we looked at the misuse of the word "literally" and how this misuage has inspired everything from blogs to comedy sketches.

We figure there must be more mistakes being made so we're launching a Q contest to find out.

Let us know what other misused words or phrases get under your skin (not literally) and WHY it drives you to distraction.

 The most truly annoying entry will be read on air, and the winner will receive a special Q prize package.

***Update!  On Friday's show we announced our winners.  The top prize goes to Steve in Toronto (and Susan in Kingston) who both brought to light the fact that nearly everyone uses the word "peruse" incorrrectly.  To wit:   

pe·ruse  /pə-ruz/ 

verb (used with object), -rused, -rus·ing. 

1. to read through with thoroughness or care: to peruse a report.

2. to read.

3. to survey or examine in detail.

Now you too can be annoyed the next time you hear someone say they'll "peruse" an article or document, meaning that they'll casually look it over.

Thanks for all your submissions!


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