Mio on the Down-Lo: Recipe Exchange

mio.jpgMan, I wish I had these 24 HOURS OF RAMEN RECIPES when I was an underfunded student. Do you have any kitchen tricks to make your economical (cheap) grocery items go the extra mile, ramen or otherwise? If so, please share in the comments...in exchange I share URLs after the click.  And ya, I'm out for the summer, so have fun in the sun and keep it on the down-lo, yo...

Other weird food thing making jaws drop online: DEEP FRIED KOOL-AID. 

Here's a hat trick of mashups:Kutiman takes a walk THRU JERUSALEM . FATBOY SLIM  flies the Jefferson Airplane. And Youtube artists everywhere cover Radiohead's PARANOID ANDROID.


This web DJ kit is awesome (and features cleared music) but you still gotta have skills to work the WHEELS OF STEEL.

I don't have an iPad but for those who do, VERBALLY is a free app that helps those who have lost their voice to illness, speak again.

Got something time sensitive to email around? QUICK FORGET will erase the info when you tell it to.

Save The Children gives you the chance to be re-born using THE LOTTERY OF LIFE. You might not get so lucky, second time around...

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