Mio on the Down-Lo: Calling all desktop DJs

mioheadshot[1].jpgConsider yourself a DJ? Know what it's like to turn a thousand heads a-bobbing? Ever killed the dance floor with a bad track? For better or for worse, if you want to live and die by your song list, hit the stage at TURNTABLE.FM and let's see what you got...and if you have any good DJing stories lemme know in the comments. Click through for more links.

Let's start with a time waster...an inventive, interactive video game of TIC TAC TOE. If you want to avoid the smack talk, the game starts at 1:00. This is cool: TEXTIFY turns your pictures into impressionistic text-based pieces of art. Sometimes real life is stranger than fiction, right? Those moments sometimes generate ONION LIKE HEADLINES. A capella covers of songs are hitting Youtube on the reg these days but I couldn't resist posting this version of KILLER QUEEN.

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