Mio on the Down-Lo: Purely Mapnificent!


Like me, do you have friends who expect you to haul ass to their neighbourhood every time there's a Stanley Cup hockey game? If so, check out MAPNIFICENT to find a neutral territory equidistant from both your cribs. It's the map for people who don't have a destination in mind that provides a plethora of destinations within the travel time of your choice.

RIGAMORTIS is a web movie...er, a web movie musical...um, a web movie musical zombie thing.
PEANUTWEETER superimposes random tweets into those bubbles in the Peanuts cartoon.
Matt Mulholland presents an a capella medley of WILL SMITH songs.
Following from last week's vid asking New Yorkers what songs they were listening to, here is a similar vid shot in LONDON.
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