Mio on the Down-Lo: Nudity for Charity...that is all

mioheadshot[1].jpgOkay...um...awkward question: would you pay (not a lot) to see someone's nudie pics online? I know...naked people charging a fee on the web is not a new thing. In fact it's often referred to as pornography. But what if your money was going to charity? NUDITY FOR CHARITY is banking that you will...donate a modest sum directly to the charity chosen by the naked man or woman because: "A lot of people want to help charities, but don't have a lot of money to spend. Other people have some money to spend, but might not be motivated to donate. And everybody likes naked pictures. Nudity for Charity is an experiment in raising funds for worthy causes by putting these elements together."

Note: You will be taken to the chosen charity's website to make a direct donation...Nudity for Charity does not handle the money so your contribution is 100% safe.

More, revealing URLs after the jump...

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