Mio on the Down-Lo: Mo Money...No Problems


 Do you think you make fair market value for your services, on the job? Need some help figuring out how our salary ranks among your peers? Money is always a touchy subject for some reason. Everyone has a different relationship to it so if you're looking to get some perspective on your salary, emphasize the anonymity of SALARY SHARE when convincing colleagues to participate...more after the jump...

This is a very cool, interactive video for Devo's WHAT WE DO off their new album,  Something for Everybody.

Do you know how to install the TWITTERS on your computer? That's what Robert Popper would like to know>

What websites would look like from BEHIND.

Wow, check out these ANIMAL SOUNDS made by a human

And then listen to the real animal sounds made by the third litter of SHIBA INUS to hit Ustream.

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