Mio on the Down-Lo: See You Curator...

mioheadshot[1].jpgAre celebrities stepping on the toes of web nerds with real tweet cred by joining the web curation world? Or do they add something to the mix that is missing? Check out Jay-Z's new LIFE AND TIMES, compare it to Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP, then let me know and keep an old school web curator in business...more after the jump...

Nominees for the 2011 WEBBY AWARDS have been announced and the NFB has grabbed several nods so, congrats!
Instead of random strangers, how about come face-to-face with random pieces of luncheon meat at CHARCUTEROULETTE?
If you enjoy deconstructing tweets, then offer your Twitter to tweet jumbler YES THAT CAN BE MY NEXT TWEET.
Forget Bette Davis Eyes, these women have STEVE BUSCEMI EYES.
The video for the Beastie Boys' FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT gets an update. For some weird reason the video is listed as private as I write this but try to find it elsewhere...worth it.

Chop off the fourth panel of any PEANUTS comic and you're left with a pretty bleak world for Charlie Brown and his pals.
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